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JDL Amron PVD Architectural Mesh

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JDL Amron PVD Architectural Mesh – created in partnership by John Desmond Ltd and Amron Architectural

Fabricated from stainless steel JDL Amron PVD Architectural Mesh is created in a range of colours via the PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) colouring process with the end-product being a durable, practical mesh in a range of aesthetic colours.

The range of 21 Products and six colourways is now being added to by further designs. If you don’t see the mesh design you have in mind, get in touch to see other available products.

Do you feel architectural mesh could work in your design scheme? Get in touch with us on [email protected]


Come and see PVD Architectural Mesh at the Amron stand, no 340, Surface Design Show, 7th Feb to 9th Feb 2023 at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper St, Islington, London N1 0QH.

JDL Amron PVD architectural mesh

  • Architectural mesh is available in a wide range of decorative pattern options and can be fabricated, folded and fixed into a variety of designs suitable for signage, retail and exhibition fittings, home improvements, screens and dividers and garden landscaping
  • Plants can be grown along architectural mesh so suitable for garden and public landscaping, interior landscaping and oasis areas for office planting
  • Architectural mesh is strong and resistant to high winds and is therefore suitable for security screens, exterior staircase balustrades, fire escape cladding and building-site fencing
  • Architectural mesh can be tensioned from top to bottom of tall buildings, multi-storey carparks, solar shading – benefit?
  • Architectural mesh protects against the sun, allows open air-flow and prevents heated air from amassing along a building’s façade ideal for solar-shading, reducing costs for air-conditioning
  • The relative transparency of architectural mesh means there is high visibility looking out from the building’s interior whilst creating screening and privacy from the exterior which makes it suitable for cladding and balcony panels,
  • Architectural mesh can be made into moveable frames ie it does not have to be fixed thus allowing for a flexible use such as for exhibition merchandising display and partitioning, signage backdrops and banners and lettering frames can be created with infills of mesh signage can be printed directly onto the mesh
  • High corrosion resistance – suitable for marine and coastal locations, yachts and cruise ships
  • Fire-retardant

Suitable for a wide range of applications

  • Decorative panels wall and ceiling-hung
  • Signage backdrops
  • Lift Interiors
  • Exhibition enclosures
  • Balustrades
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Interior and exterior cladding
  • Staircase and fire-escape cladding
  • Grilles, panels and inserts for furniture and joinery work
  • Partitioning and space-dividers
  • Merchandising shelving, units, shopfittings and furniture for retail

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All our fabrications are available in Double Stone Steel PVD colored stainless steel.

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