Powder coat products and services

Within our specialist metal finishes we offer a range of powder coat products with a supporting Refurbishment and Care Programme.

Our products are offered in our own designed range of eighty colours and are also available in bespoke colours, completely clear finishes and metallics.

Incorporating a formula developed by Dexo Technologies we offer the JDL Dexo antimicrobial powder coat. Through our partnering with 3V Architectural Hardware, part of the Vieler group, we have created a range of architectural ironmongery in both standard and antimicrobial powder coat.


Standard Powder Coat

Powder coat is tough, resilient and eco-friendly as any waste material is collected and re-used which means it does not enter the atmosphere.

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Antimicrobial Powder Coat for Healthcare

With the prevalence of hospital-specific super bugs there is an undoubted need for preventative steps against infection. Antimicrobial powder coat provides added protection for patients, staff and visitors.

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Watch the short film on the life of bacteria presented by Professor Anthony Hilton


Antimicrobial Powder Coat for Transport

Of people who choose not to use public transport, the significant majority say that this is because of fear of infection. Using antimicrobial finishes helps passengers feel more confident and boosts custom for transport operators.

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What does “antimicrobial” actually mean? Watch the short film on the life of bacteria


Refurbishment and Care Programme, FF&E

Our programme for new installation or retro-application and retro-fit of furniture fittings and equipment. All of our work undergoes strict Quality Control which includes the use of a scientific detection tool to ensure the antimicrobial agent is present and active.

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All our fabrications are available in Double Stone Steel PVD colored stainless steel.

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