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Here you will find specific information regarding the specification of Double Stone Steel PVD and also background information on the specification of stainless steel and other metals.

All the information here is available to download as a PDF to use in your specifications.

DB 1650 Monobloc mixer tap in Double Stone Steel PVD coloured stainless steel in Brass brushed finish by John Desmond Ltd.

White Paper: Considerations for architects and interior designers when specifying brass architectural hardware for bathrooms

Brass has been used for hundreds of years in bathroom settings and remains both prestigious and popular today. However brass possesses unique peculiarities when used in proximity to water.

This White Paper provides information on the properties of brass including welding, coatings, cleaning and alternatives in order for you to specify correctly for your situation.

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All our fabrications are available in Double Stone Steel PVD colored stainless steel.

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