• Specialist Metal Finishes

    Specialist Metal Finishes

    Specialist coatings and treatments We are providers of specialist metal treatments and coatings steel, aluminium, brass and other materials including: Wear, scratch and corrosion resistant Our PVD coating, developed by our partner Double Stone Steel, is an innovation in the creation of coloured stainless steel making the surface ten times harder and more durable in…

  • Design, Fabrication and Installation

    Design, Fabrication and Installation

    Flexible services Our service is highly flexible, we can work with existing designs or provide in-house design services to develop a concept to drawing stage. We fabricate in-house and install on-site, acting as main contractor or sub-contractor and often, as project managers. Decorative or purely functional Our work ranges from decorative showpieces to discreet workhorses…

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All our fabrications are available in Double Stone Steel PVD colored stainless steel.

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