• The craze for copper

    The craze for copper

    We look at this beautiful material and its myriad of applications.

  • Perforated metal screens

    Perforated metal screens

    We look at how the use of screen materials is developing

  • Metal-framed windows

    Metal-framed windows

    We look at the use of metal frames for windows and doors from the early Crittall products up to their use in modern design.

  • Bronze PVD

    Bronze PVD

    Looking at yet another bronze revival.

  • Rose Gold PVD

    Rose Gold PVD

    A look at the fascination from both men and women for this finish.

  • Great glasshouses

    Great glasshouses

    A look at metalwork and glass structures from Victorian times to the present day…

  • Metalwork sculpture in Cardiff

    Metalwork sculpture in Cardiff

    A review of three pieces of monumental public art in Cardiff Bay reflecting on how metalwork sculpture can forge an enduring identity.

  • Street furniture

    Street furniture

    How modern materials and a modern approach are taking over from a Victorian stronghold

  • Why PVD is different to traditional finishes

    Why PVD is different to traditional finishes

    What does the PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating process actually mean and why is it so significant in product-coating terms?

  • A brief tutorial in Titanium Ion Plating

    A brief tutorial in Titanium Ion Plating

    What possibly you never thought you’d need to know, a fascinating insight.

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