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Naomi Evans

Naomi Evans

Naomi Evans

Project Leader in architecture for Genton in Melbourne, Australia

Naomi Evans is Project Leader in architecture for Genton in Melbourne, Australia, In my 10+ years of practicing in the architecture profession I have gained valuable experience with some highly reputable studios including Cox Architecture in Melbourne and Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios in London. I have been privileged to work on a variety of high- profile and community-based projects, and have gained excellent experience in the design of public buildings and spaces. In October 2010, I relocated to Adelaide to form part of the seminal Cox Adelaide Studio. I was a member of the architectural team for the Adelaide Oval Redevelopment and specialised on the building’s facades from Concept Design through to Documentation. I have since been a member of the design teams for the ABC Southbank Studios Refurbishment, various works for the Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust, and the new Victorian Cricket and Community Centre.

My role has required me to support the design process in its breadth of phases including master planning and spatial planning.

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All our fabrications are available in Double Stone Steel PVD colored stainless steel.

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