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Samples for students
Our policy is to actively support architecture and design students in their studies. We are regretful that at the present time we have sent out all of our allocated samples for students and are not able to fulfil any current requests for these. Please do check back with us later in the year.

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Black Is Black Vibration

Black Is Black Vibration Sample Qty.

Black Is Black Mirror Finish

Black Is Black Mirror Finish Sample Qty.

Black Is Black Sandblasted

Black Is Black Sandblasted Sample Qty.

Black Is Black Brush

Black Is Black Brush Sample Qty.

Black Is Black Hairline

Black Is Black Hairline Sample Qty.

Brass Brush

Brass Brush Sample Qty.

Brass Hairline

Brass Hairline Sample Qty.

Brass Vibration

Brass Vibration Sample Qty.

Brass Mirror Finish

Brass Mirror Finish Sample Qty.

Brass Sandblasted

Brass Sandblasted Sample Qty.

Bronze Brush

Bronze Brush Sample Qty.

Bronze Hairline

Bronze Hairline Sample Qty.

Bronze Vibration

Bronze Vibration Sample Qty.

Bronze Mirror Finish

Bronze Mirror Finish Sample Qty.

Bronze Sandblasted

Bronze Sandblasted Sample Qty.

Candy Pink Vibration

Candy Pink Vibration Sample Qty.

Candy Pink Mirror Finish

Candy Pink Mirror Finish Sample Qty.

Candy Pink Sandblasted

Candy Pink Sandblasted Sample Qty.

Candy Pink Brush

Candy Pink Brush Sample Qty.

Candy Pink Hairline

Candy Pink Hairline Sample Qty.

Champagne Brush

Champagne Brush Sample Qty.

Champagne Hairline

Champagne Hairline Sample Qty.

Champagne Vibration

Champagne Vibration Sample Qty.

Champagne Mirror Finish

Champagne Mirror Finish Sample Qty.

Champagne Sandblasted

Champagne Sandblasted Sample Qty.

Chocolate Brush

Chocolate Brush Sample Qty.

Chocolate Sandblasted

Chocolate Sandblasted Sample Qty.

Chocolate Vibration

Chocolate Vibration Sample Qty.

Chocolate Mirror Finish

Chocolate Mirror Finish Sample Qty.

Chocolate Hairline

Chocolate Hairline Sample Qty.

Chrome Brush

Chrome Brush Sample Qty.

Chrome Hairline

Chrome Hairline Sample Qty.

Chrome Vibration

Chrome Vibration Sample Qty.

Chrome Mirror Finish

Chrome Mirror Finish Sample Qty.

Chrome Sandblasted

Chrome Sandblasted Sample Qty.

Cobalt Brush

Cobalt Brush Sample Qty.

Cobalt Hairline

Cobalt Hairline Sample Qty.

Cobalt Vibration

Cobalt Vibration Sample Qty.

Cobalt Blue Mirror Finish

Cobalt Blue Mirror Finish Sample Qty.

Cobalt Sandblasted

Cobalt Sandblasted Sample Qty.

Copper Vibration

Copper Vibration Sample Qty.

Copper Mirror Finish

Copper Mirror Finish Sample Qty.

Copper Sandblasted

Copper Sandblasted Sample Qty.

Copper Brush

Copper Brush Sample Qty.

Copper Hairline

Copper Hairline Sample Qty.

Emerald Brush

Emerald Brush Sample Qty.

Emerald Mirror Finish

Emerald Mirror Finish Sample Qty.

Emerald Vibration

Emerald Vibration Sample Qty.

Emerald Sandblast

Emerald Sandblast Sample Qty.

Emerald Hairline

Emerald Hairline Sample Qty.

Gun Metal Brush

Gun Metal Brush Sample Qty.

Gun Metal Hairline

Gun Metal Hairline Sample Qty.

Gun Metal Vibration

Gun Metal Vibration Sample Qty.

Gun Metal Mirror Finish

Gun Metal Mirror Finish Sample Qty.

Gun Metal Sandblasted

Gun Metal Sandblasted Sample Qty.

Red Bronze Brush

Red Bronze Brush Sample Qty.

Red Bronze Mirror Finish

Red Bronze Mirror Finish Sample Qty.

Red Bronze Vibration

Red Bronze Vibration Sample Qty.

Red Bronze Hairline

Red Bronze Hairline Sample Qty.

Red Bronze Sandblasted

Red Bronze Sandblasted Sample Qty.

Rose Gold Brush

Rose Gold Brush Sample Qty.

Rose Gold Mirror Finish

Rose Gold Mirror Finish Sample Qty.

Rose Gold Vibration

Rose Gold Vibration Sample Qty.

Rose Gold Hairline

Rose Gold Hairline Sample Qty.

Rose Gold Sandblasted

Rose Gold Sandblasted Sample Qty.

Royal Gold Brush

Royal Gold Brush Sample Qty.

Royal Gold Hairline

Royal Gold Hairline Sample Qty.

Royal Gold Vibration

Royal Gold Vibration Sample Qty.

Royal Gold Mirror Finish

Royal Gold Mirror Finish Sample Qty.

Royal Gold Sandblasted

Royal Gold Sandblasted Sample Qty.

Vegas Gold Brush

Vegas Gold Brush Sample Qty.

Vegas Gold Mirror Finish

Vegas Gold Mirror Finish Sample Qty.

Vegas Gold Vibration

Vegas Gold Vibration Sample Qty.

Vegas Gold Sandblasted

Vegas Gold Sandblasted Sample Qty.

Vegas Gold Hairline

Vegas Gold Hairline Sample Qty.

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Why specify PVD coated coloured stainless steel?


  • Scratch resistant making it highly durable
  • The PVD coating creates a tough finish which is up to ten times harder than stainless steel itself
  • Resistant to saltwater corrosion making it suitable for marine and coastal locations
  • Twelve year guarantee


Stainless steel material is 60% recycled and 100% recyclable.

Cost – effective

  • Allows less expensive standard ranges to be specified with colour- matched workshop-fabricated items acting as feature pieces or as essential supplements to a cheaper range.


  • Antimicrobial finish suited to food preparation, medical and laboratory environments and public areas


Also available:

  • Embossed finishes, coloured and uncoloured.

A spectrum of colour options

  • Can be colour-matched to other finishes and materials
  • Can be specified in a wide spectrum of colours
  • Mimics more expensive materials such as bronze, brass and gold providing a cost-effective, easy-maintenance alternative

Can be completely colourless for a natural stainless steel appearance

PVD coated coloured stainless steel is available in sheet and profile including v-cut profiles