Architectural Mesh as Solar Shading.

John Desmond Ltd have recently set up a dedicated factory in Wimbledon to create Double Stone Steel PVD coloured stainless steel. This is the first production-unit to colour large-format stainless steel in the UK and colours sizes up to 3 metres by 1.7 metres.

How architectural finishes play an overt or subtle role in building refurbishment

An analysis of architectural finishes and the role they play.

An overview of this versatile material

The importance of signage

Touring around the design projects of the prolific designer, Alberto Pinto.

A skim around the broad-ranging design work of this designer and architect

Looking at the work of this designer and architect

An examination of this design philosophy in relation to One Central Park, Sydney, Australia.


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All our fabrications are available in Double Stone Steel PVD colored stainless steel.

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