• The world of shot peening

    The world of shot peening

    Looking at the range of materials and uses of shot peening.

  • Lighting – a brief overview

    Lighting – a brief overview

    A quick flash through time looking at the first electric lamp up to the modern day approach to lighting.

  • Doors, doors, doors

    Doors, doors, doors

    An essential item for our security and privacy and also a style and design statement. We look at some of the options on doors.

  • PVD coating – a finish for all seasons

    PVD coating – a finish for all seasons

    PVD coated coloured stainless steel is used in the creation of sculpture, architecture, jewellery, phones and is used for interiors and exteriors. We look at this very versatile medium.

  • How are PVD coatings used?

    How are PVD coatings used?

    We roam around in the world of PVD coatings to see what, in our everyday world, it is used for. And of course, how is it actually done.

  • Signs of the times

    Signs of the times

    We look at just how far we have come from cave-painting and mediaeval sign-writing up to modern day laser-cutting and back-lighting in the world of signs.

  • Canopies, a brief overview

    Canopies, a brief overview

    The Victorians knew how to use canopies to full effect, think of Crystal Palace, and today canopies are enjoying a similar resurgence and are being specifed on a large scale, including airports. We look at some of the favourites.

  • Antimicrobial Decorative finishes

    Antimicrobial Decorative finishes

    Can a decorative finish kill bacteria too? We look at some of the old and new technology that does exactly that.

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All our fabrications are available in Double Stone Steel PVD colored stainless steel.

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